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Please, let me introduce myself.
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I'm an Air Force veteran and have over two decades of experience as a software/hardware developer. Moreover, I have a strong track record of success in software and hardware development and testing. But that's not all. I mastered my skills as well in entrepreneurship and marketing.

I hold many certificates and have completed various courses. I try to protect myself from spammers, so if you would like to check them, I can forward them to you. They gave me a well-rounded skill set in most areas where businesses act today.

Additionally, as a commander in the military, I learned how to guide a team to achieve common goals. Moreover, I have also been able to coach and help others as a good mentor.

Who am I in a few words: I am a highly qualified and experienced professional. But what is more important, I have a passion for using my skills and expertise to drive success for those around me.

My offer is so valuable that I can't even express it in these couple of words. Throughout my career, among many assignments, I found the last one to be the most fulfilling.

I worked for years with Boeing, Airbus, Kongsberg, and others on the flying platform E3A AWACS.

I had to deal with various systems, testing and integrating software and hardware. That time I provided my expertise to improve systems throughout their lifecycle.


After many years, I realized I didn't do what truly made me happy and needed something more. Finally, I found out that I want to help others. You might consider it trite text, but it is what it is.

So, I offer my experience and dedication to you or someone you know. Someone who might be interested in partnering with me. Someone who might need my help.

Not only am I a technical expert, but I have also helped others achieve their goals and succeed in their careers.

After many years I realized I wanted to support others. So, with my exceptional experience, I am ready to help you start and grow your online business. That's what I know and can do the best. What is more, your success makes me satisfied and fulfilled.

I provide all required resources. I guarantee that you will not find similar offer anywhere.

My offer is limited to only 25 partners because I will work with you personally. LINK to the offer

Moreover, I know the value of my life and work experience that I want to share with you. Please check it out and pay attention to the guarantee I give.

Don't forget to let me know what you think about it. It's important to my family and me.

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you find my proposal to work together exciting and valuable.

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